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Breastfeeding shells - 100% natural a gift from moter nature - how to use

Breastfeeding shells - 100% natural a gift from mother nature

100% pure a gift from mother nature 
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    • 100% natural, a gift form mother nature
    • Breast milk is known to be an excellent natural healer
    • Nursing shells keep the nipples permanently hydrated
    • prevent sensitive breast from rubbing against fabric

    Breastfeeding shells

    A beautiful substitute for cream, with a lot of chemicals, etc. The beautiful thing with Breastfeeding shells is that it´s a gift from mother nature.

    Breastfeeding shells are 100% natural, so indeed very Organic and you could say it´s upcycling to you them for breastfeeding purposes since they have already served on good as a perfect lunch for somebody.

    Why should you use breastfeeding shells, If you are a first-time mum, your breast are not used to a baby sucking on your breast all the time, so your nipples will in the beginning crack and hurt a little.

    So in between breastfeeding add your Milkernursing shells in the bra as shown on the picture - the will cool your breast and when your breast leaks milk into the shell, the combination of milk and the inside of your nursing shell heals your small crack.

    Let me tell you these shells makes wonders and help me trough 3 breastfeeding periods :-)