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Here at Milker, we are so happy with the material and have been looking forward to presenting all our wonderful amber products to you. We have produced both accessories for your beautiful children, to relieve pain during tooth eruption, and wonderful accessories for adults. If you do not want your child to wear a necklace, you can also consider our beautiful amber bracelet or our completely unique amber pacifier cord.
Pacifier cord  with cognac amber beads - seen vertical
Pacifier cord in black - seen vertically
25,37 EUR
15,22 EUR
Adult Necklace - Honey - 100% natural  - seen with open lock
All our amber products are produced in Europe, in Lithuania. It is in 100% natural material, as it is petrified resin that has been in the sea for 50 million years. This means that each necklace can vary in color and size and is thus unique.

When amber is close to the skin, it warms to body temperature and releases succinic acid. Succinic acid is absorbed into the body and has soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities, which i.a. reduces pain. Amber consists of fossilized resin that has been in the sea for 30-50 million years and therefore makes each necklace unique and can thus vary in color and size.


We recommend that the necklace should be removed when the child needs to sleep. If you want to keep the amber jewelry on the child at night, the amber necklace can be used around the child's ankle.

The child must be supervised when wearing the amber necklace.

There are knots between each bead that prevent all the beads from falling off should it break.

The necklace is equipped with a click lock that allows the necklace to open if the necklace is pulled or the necklace meets resistance.