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Nursing Dresses

Of course you can wear a dress, even when you are breastfeeding - the solution is a nursing dress. Earlier it was a big problem to wear a dress when breastfeeding. Either it ment taking the whole dress over your head, or to sit down and tear down severely in the neckline. It is not like that anymore. With Milker's unique nursing opening you can now get dresses that are as easy to nurse in as our nursing t-shirts.

Black WOOL Maternity tights
40,13 EUR
Green floral bohemian nursing dress - front view
134,09 EUR
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Blue floral bohemian breastfeeding dress, front view

Nursing dresses

At Milker you will find a wide range of nursing dresses and maternity dresses in both jersey cotton and printed fabrics (both summer and winter). All our nursing dresses are always in natural materials and most often made organic. In the design, we always emphasize that breastfeeding is discreet - and the vast majority of people use our nursing dresses during pregnancy and again while breastfeeding - and indeed afterwards. We experience from time to time getting inquires from women who want to buy our breastfeeding dresses - even if they are neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. As with all of our breastfeeding models, we also emphasize our nursing dresses that you should look good - and have many varieties and colors to choose from.

One of this year's news in our nursing clothes is our nursing nighties are made in organic cotton jersey, and it is probably the best maternity gift you can imagine for a new mom.

As a whole, we have also designed a nursing party dress, which we have had great demand for. Many breastfeeding moms find it hard to find a nursing dress for christenings or weddings, and we have therefore designed an assortment of breastfeeding dresses that are suitable for all festive occasions. Having just given birth and having saw nursing breasts can make it hard to feel smart and in practic be difficult to breastfeed while you are partying. This problem has Milker solved with our smart breastfeeding dresses for a party where you can both feel smart while breastfeeding your child.

Many women take on a lot of weight during their pregnancy and many take a while to lose the weight, and then there are also women who are not a size 36 - pregnant or not. Many of these women have to compromise when it comes to nursing dresses, but no longer! At Milker we have this year expanded our breastfeeding dresses to size 4XL, so we have nursing dresses for all sizes. Fit and quality are unchanged - we have just chosen to increase our sizes - as we also want to supply nursing dresses in large sizes - also called nursing dresses plus-size.

Milker has designed a large, smart and fashionable selection of nursing dresses for everyday and party. With Milker's breastfeeding dresses, you can be smart and fashionable while still nursing your baby lightly and discreetly, as all Milker's nursing dresses have a unique breastfeeding function. The nursing dress hides most of your breasts when you are breastfeeding, so you do not feel naked, and all nursing dresses are made in the softest material so they are nice to wear. All Milker's nursing dresses are designed so you can use them after childbirth - thus avoiding spending money on a wardrobe that cannot be used after birth.

Which new-born mother does not want to be able to breastfeed easily and discreetly everyday and at christenings or other parties? Maybe at a wedding? At Milker the range is large and we actually have both nursing dresses designed specifically for everyday and for a party. So you can always breastfeed easily and discreetly no matter when or where!

A breastfeeding dress is a specially designed dress with smart and practical designs that hide most of your breast when breastfeeding. There are several different types of nursing function, and some are seen on the garments if one is aware, others are not seen at all! The nursing dresses are designed so that you can continue to wear the dress you hopefully have been very happy for long after you have stopped breastfeeding. And you will probably get many astonishing comments when others find out that it is actually a nursing dress you wear!

At Milker we think very much in ecology and sustainability and therefore we have a growing selection of organic and sustainable nursing dresses made of materials such as bamboo. We find it natural when we are dealing with mothers and future generations also to think about the land they have to 'take over' and also the people who help to produce the nursing dresses. And for the future of all of us!

There are plenty of nursing clothes that can be used for both everyday use and at parties at Milker. A nursing dress suitable for parties is easy to find at Milker. A pair of nice tights under one of the many nursing dresses - and then you're ready for a party. Milker designs many nursing dresses with fine details, such as lace and ruffles, so that the dress becomes more festive. Many breastfeeding dresses are designed with a hidden opening for breastfeeding, so you hardly notice that it is a nursing dress.

At milker, we strive to always design nursing dresses that are comfortable to wear with a good fit, which at the same time follows the fashion trends, so you do not have to compromise on your style. There are expensive and cheap nursing dresses at Milker and hopefully something for your taste. It should also be said that most breastfeeding dresses can also be used as maternity dresses, so you can buy them already while you are pregnant. Make life easier for yourself and more comfortable while breastfeeding - it is brilliant with a nursing dress!

The most important thing about a nursing dress is that it is comfortable to wear and functional when breastfeeding your baby. Therefore, you should have more nursing dresses in your wardrobe so you always have a little to choose from. Many dresses can also be used as maternity dresses, and you can therefore get even more enjoyment from your nursing clothes.

Nursing dresses, like nursing jumpers, have a chest opening that makes it easy for you to breastfeed your baby discreetly. You avoid putting your chest and stomach in the open, getting cold or having the whole dress off. The many benefits of a breastfeeding dress make it indispensable. So, make it a little more fun to breastfeed with a nursing dress that you can use for everyday and party.