Nursing Dresses

Of course you can wear a dress, even when you are breastfeeding - the solution is a nursing dress. Earlier it was a big problem to wear a dress when breastfeeding. Either it ment taking the whole dress over your head, or to sit down and tear down severely in the neckline. It is not like that anymore. With Milker's unique nursing opening you can now get dresses that are as easy to nurse in as our nursing t-shirts.

Nursing dresses

At Milker you will find a wide range of nursing dresses and maternity dresses in both jersey cotton and printed fabrics (both summer and winter). All our nursing dresses are always in natural materials and most often made organic. In the design, we always emphasize that breastfeeding is discreet - and the vast majority of people use our nursing dresses during pregnancy and again while breastfeeding - and indeed afterwards. We experience from time to time getting inquires from women who want to buy our breastfeeding dresses - even if they are neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. As with all of our breastfeeding models, we also emphasize our nursing dresses that you should look good - and have many varieties and colors to choose from.

One of this year's news in our nursing clothes is our nursing nighties are made in organic cotton jersey, and it is probably the best maternity gift you can imagine for a new mom.

As a whole, we have also designed a nursing party dress, which we have had great demand for. Many breastfeeding moms find it hard to find a nursing dress for christenings or weddings, and we have therefore designed an assortment of breastfeeding dresses that are suitable for all festive occasions. Having just given birth and having saw nursing breasts can make it hard to feel smart and in practic be difficult to breastfeed while you are partying. This problem has Milker solved with our smart breastfeeding dresses for a party where you can both feel smart while breastfeeding your child.

ZIA-joj134,00 €

Maja-joj107,00 €

ZOO-joj103,00 €

SELMA-crh107,00 €

ZIA-pll159,00 €

ZINDY-pll94,00 €

ZOO-pll107,00 €

Maja-hol107,00 €

MILLER-hoj105,00 €

ZOO-hol103,00 €

ZANA-hol103,00 €

ZISSI-cre111,00 €

Maja-lag107,00 €

ZOO-lag103,00 €

MONROE-nip107,00 €

Maja-nie107,00 €

ZOO-ebl100,00 €

ZISSI-chb111,00 €

Zara-ret103,00 €

ZANA-chb103,00 €

Zasha-ret94,00 €

ZENOBI-sta108,00 €

Ruth-sta146,00 €

SOFIA-cre77,00 €

SELMA-cre107,00 €

Zia-dll159,00 €

ZOO-dll107,00 €

ZINDY-dll94,00 €

ZIA-blk134,00 €

Maja-blk107,00 €

ZISSI-blk111,00 €

Zasha-blk94,00 €

ZOO-blk100,00 €

ZANA-blk103,00 €

Zara-blk103,00 €

ZENOBI-blk108,50 €

ZINDY-blk90,00 €

ZIRA-blk99,00 €

BESS-blk67,00 €

ZULU-blk94,00 €

LOMA-blk114,00 €

Ruth-blk146,00 €

LIS-blk120,00 €

CHLOE-blk125,00 €

MONROE-blcr107,00 €

SOFIA-blcr80,00 €

MILLER-blkl104,00 €

Zasha-blkr80,00 €

Zara-blkr80,00 €


99,00 €

ZULU-robl39,60 €


108,00 €

ZIRA-robl43,20 €


80,00 €

SOFIA-stb32,00 €


114,00 €

LOMA-sta45,60 €


120,00 €

LOOK-pgm48,00 €


146,00 €

Ruth-pro58,40 €


146,00 €

Ruth-jas58,40 €


103,00 €

ZULU-led41,20 €


120,00 €

LEONORA-blcr48,00 €


108,00 €

EVA-blcr43,20 €


122,00 €

COCO-blgl24,40 €


103,00 €

ZIKA-blk41,20 €


94,00 €

Zasha-bls37,60 €

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