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White nursing bra in bamboo fibers - Nursing function demonstration

White nursing bra in Organically grown bamboo

Style: BECKY-whi
75% bamboo /17% polyamid / 8% elastane

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    If your first baby is on the way, then we are happy to show you this nursing bra – this might not be your number one choice because this nursing bra has a very simple look. But don´t let looks fool you. Because this nursing bra has everything you could ever dream of when you´ve just given birth, and your breasts are close to exploding, turning rock-hard, sore and irritated. At that time, you will be happy you have read this text, bought this nursing bra, and not made the same mistake as the rest of us by buying useless nursing bras with hangers and lace, things that will end up being annoying.

    This nursing bra is perfect in the first stages of breastfeeding, it doesnt have any stiches, it´s super elastic and made of soft, bacteria-cleansing bamboo fibers. All the things you could wish for in a nursing bra. You can easily sleep in this nursing bra, and when you need to breastfeed, you can just pull down and BOOM – FAST FOOD for your baby.

    Wash-instruction: 40 degrees.