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Milker's Cookies Policy

Milker uses cookies on the website (website). Therefore, Milker is obliged to inform the users of the website of the use of cookies.
The disclosure obligation includes the obligation to disclose the method of collection and use of such data.
The goal of the disclosure obligation is to create transparency in the processes that support the user's navigation through the Internet by collecting data about the user. In addition, the provisions guarantee that the user may supervise the use of such data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the browser to the user's computer or terminal when using the Internet. Cookies are used for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the appropriate operation of a website.
With a cookie stored in the user's computer or terminal, the website can remember the user's device and collect information of the pages and functions used with the user's browser. This way companies such as Milker can find out how popular individual pages are or what pages are visited rarely so that they can be improved.
Providing services on the Internet practically and technically requires that the cookies are stored. For example, in electronic commerce, it is important that the website remembers the user's visit in the online store and what products the user has viewed and added to the shopping cart. The cookies also make sure that the website remembers the content of the user's shopping cart if, for example, the user navigates backward to view other products.
Cookies cannot be used for determining the user's identity, i.e., name or other personal data. Neither will cookies spread computer viruses or other harmful software, nor can they collect information of the other activities the user uses the computer for.

Why does Milker use cookies?

Milker uses cookies for a variety of purposes.
Firstly, cookies are used for collecting statistical data. Thus, Milker can investigate how a website is used and thus improve the usability of the website. Naturally, statistical data is anonymous.
Milker also uses cookies for technical reasons. As stated above, using cookies is necessary in order for the online store to work. Milker's online store must remember the user's login data and content of the shopping cart, which can be done only by using cookies.
Milker also uses cookies for marketing so that it can monitor the use of various different websites. These cookies are used for assembling profiles of the users' search and browsing behaviour.
In addition, Milker uses cookies for monitoring the users' browsing habits and functions. Milker uses the collected data to show content targeted to the users.

How do I accept Milker's use of cookies?

Milker is obliged to request the user's consent to store cookies in the user's computer or terminal. The consent is requested when the user visits the website for the first time. An informative banner will appear at the top of the page, explaining that the site uses cookies and providing a link to further information regarding the cookies. If the user does not click the link but proceeds further to the website, Milker's cookies will start working and the banner will disappear.
The user may forbid the storing of cookies in the computer with the browser settings. However, in that case it should be understood that not all functions of the website will work optimally without the cookies. The user can always check the cookies stored in the computer and alter and delete stored cookies.
If the user does not wish to use Milker's cookies, the user can, with most modern browsers, select advanced cookie settings in Internet settings and add the domain to the list of websites whose cookies are not enabled. In these settings, the user can also remove cookies stored by the browser, either one by one or all at once. Please note that if you use more than one computer, the setting must be made on each computer.


Cookie types used by the website

Milker uses a number of different types of cookies.
Google AdWords and Bing cookies are used for tracking the advertisements the user sees and the efficiency of the results produced by the Goole search. They can also be used for modifying Google searches, making the user's searches more efficient. AdWords cookies are stored for 30 days. For information on Bing's privacy policy, click here:

In addition, third-party cookies are used for compiling statistics. Cookies are used for remembering the user's browsing behaviour: how many times the user's computer or terminal has visited Milker's website, how long the user has spent on the website and how the user has entered the website (e.g., through Google). Google Analytics is used to this end. For information on Google Analytics' data protection and safety principles, click here:

Facebook and Criteo cookies are used for marketing purposes. For information on Facebook's privacy policy, click here: and for Criteo, click here:

In addition, to improve the website, Visual Website Optimizer's (VWO) cookies are used. For information on VWO's privacy statement, click here: And to create customer surveys onsite, Hotjar's cookies are used privacy policy:

The website also uses other cookies to remember the user's choice of language so that the user will not always have to select the language again. Cookies are used to assign a unique session ID to the user. The session ID cookie is removed when the user closes the browser. In addition, the website uses technical cookies that ensure that the user will be directed to the geographically correct part of the website and that the site's component elements are kept open.

The website may contain links to other sites. Milker is not responsible for these sites, and Milker's cookie policy does not apply to them.
In the web shop of Milker the checkout solution for Finland, Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom is provided by Klarna (Klarna AB, Sveavägen 46, 111 34, Stockholm, Sweden) which uses cookies to offer you the best possible, tailored, online experience when you use Klarna’s checkout. For more information on Klarna's privacy policy, click here:
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