Nursing bras

Milker has now created their own collection of underwear for nursing women, in great quality and high comfort. We know that your breasts get sore and grow a lot in the last stages of pregnancy, or after you´ve given birth. Because of that, we´ve been studying the different materials, and our conclusion is that bamboo fibers are the best solution for your sore breasts. Bamboo fibers have a bacteria-cleansing effect, plus it´s soft like cashmere and very elastic. This is three very important things to a good nursing start, which is very important for you and your child. 

BECKY-whi20,00 €

BARBARA-whi32,00 €

BETTY-whi40,00 €

Bolette-whi32,00 €

BILLIE-whi12,00 €

BIANCA-whi20,00 €

Bella-opad45,00 €

BARBARA-opa32,00 €

BECKY-bls20,00 €

BARBARA-bls32,00 €

BETTY-bls37,00 €

Bolette-bls32,00 €

BARBARA-ini32,00 €

BETTY-ini40,00 €

BILLIE-ini12,00 €

Bella-blkd45,00 €

BECKY-blk20,00 €

BARBARA-blk32,00 €

BETTY-blk40,00 €

Bolette-blk32,00 €

BILLIE-blk12,00 €

BOB-blk17,50 €

BIANCA-blk20,00 €


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