Nursing bras

Milker has made her own line of underwear for breastfeeding women and as always, we have quality and comfort at the top. Because we know that when you have just begun or are last in their pregnancy, you have sore breasts and they grow incredibly much. So, therefore, we have examined the different fabrics and found that Bamboo fibers are the best for your sore breasts. Bamboo fibers have a bactericidal effect, as well as soft as cashmere and very elastic. 3 very important things to help you get a good breastfeeding that is so important to you and your child.

Nursing Bras

Everyone who has given birth know that it hurts at the start of breastfeeding. We believe that our different nursing bra models cover the needs of a newborn mother.We offer breastfeeding bras in several different models. Model Becky is a sports bra. It's brilliant to bring to the hospital when you're going to give birth, keeping your breastfeeding pads in place at the beginning, and at the same time there are no bothering closing mechanisms.

Barbara is our nursing bra with a little more holding strength. This bursing bra opens in both sides, so you can open easily and breastfeed. At the same time, the nursing bra has adjustable straps and can be opened / closed in the back.

Bella has a special designed back. The back gives a little more hold in this bra, so we recommend it to girls with a slightly bigger bust. Betty is our nursing bra, which is built in a nursing top. There is hold in the bra, but not as much as in a normal ning bra. But enough to keep a breastfeeding pad in place.

BARBARA-ski36,00 €

BILLIE-ski13,00 €

BARBARA-pam36,00 €

BILLIE-pam13,00 €

BOB-pam19,00 €

BOLETTE-whi32,00 €

BECKY-whi23,00 €

BARBARA-whi36,00 €

BOB-whi19,00 €

BILLIE-whi13,00 €

BIANCA-whi22,00 €

BILLIE-jas13,00 €

BARBARA-jas36,00 €

BESS-blk67,00 €

BIRDY-blk40,00 €

BOB-blk19,00 €

BOLETTE-blk32,00 €

BARBARA-blk36,00 €

BELLA-blkd45,00 €

BRAD-blk19,00 €

BIANCA-blk22,00 €

BILLIE-blk13,00 €

BECKY-blk23,00 €


38,00 €

BOLETTE-ebl15,20 €


40,00 €

BETTY-ebl16,00 €


45,00 €

BELLA-ebld18,00 €


36,00 €

BARBARA-ini14,40 €


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