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Nursing clothes

Milker's Nursing clothes is designed to make it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. The unique nursing opening ensures that you can breastfeed discreetly and easily without revealing yourself. The special nursing opening also allows you to breastfeed without getting cold while nursing, which could leed to breast inflammation (Mastitis). Milker is also very keen on creating design that is varied and modern, so that the new mother can perform in style for both everyday and party. Milker has thus stood for a number of news in the market for breastfeeding clothes.

Black WOOL Maternity tights
40,13 EUR

Nursing clothes from Milker

Especially Milker's winter collection with lots of modern and warm wool knit has been popular among the breastfeeding mothers. Also a number of special patterned models make it possible to follow your own style - even when you are a newborn mom. In addition, Milker is known for its special models in eg silk or bamboo. Finally, Milker has a great base collection in flexible jersey of good quality - for example, nursing T-shirts, nursing tops, Nursing nighties and nursing dresses.

All of Milkers nursing clothes is made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, bamboo, silk, and the like. The vast majority of Milker's Nursing wear is made of organic raw materials and, as far as possible, using sustainable manufacturing methods. Our suppliers are certified and recognized. Milker designs new nursing models all the time and our focus is to provide breastfeeding clothes to the nursing mothers that is both smart, modern, has a good fit and made in materials that are organic and comfortable to wear. Our design of nursing wear is classic and stylish with clean lines, simple patterns and, not least, all nursing clothes are made in super good quality. All our styles can be washed in the washing machine, keeping the color and fit wash after wash.

For something completely new, we have been producing a range of plus sized nursing clothes. For some time now, there has been a demand for plus-sized nursing clothes, which lead us to make many of our styles in sizes up to 4XL. And even though they are in larger sizes now, they still fit perfectly, feel perfect and look great. For example, you could try one of our styles, like ZULU or CHLOE. The large sizes are on all our products, from nursing dresses suited for parties, to nursing jumpers designed for relaxing at home. And as a reminder, all of our breastfeeding suits can be used as maternity wear, too, because of the elasticity around the stomach, all of them will match your shape, so you can breastfeed whilst pregnant. When you buy with Milker, you can hit two birds with one stone.

Nursing clothes from Milker is for you who have just had your child! Milker congratulates you with the little new baby! But Milker is also for those that keeps nursing for several years and needs the nursing clothes to last long. And it is with pride and joy that milker can present a huge range of nursing and maternity wear! We have nursing jumpers, nursing tops and nursing dresses, supportive nursing bras and maternity panties, all with gorgeous stylistic design in mind.

Any nursing mother should treat herself with some of our nursing clothes. It takes a whole lot of weight off when you can breastfeed completely discreetly, without the feeling of bareness or feeling like you’re bothering other people. Thanks to Milker’s design, you can avoid cold drafts, which prevents breast inflammation, and you can avoid bypassers that just love to stare.

You will find nursing jumpers and nursing dresses here at Milker. Our design of nursing wear is classic and stylish with clean lines, simple patterns and last, but not least, they are all made with the highest quality fabrics and dyes. All of our clothes can be washed in the washing machine, keeping fit and colour wash after wash.

Our nursing clothes are made with organic and/or sustainable materials because we love the quality and feel over almost everything else. You will find both nursing jumpers and nursing dresses with the 'classic' overlapping layer on the chest in our selection, but we also have nursing wear with a hidden breastfeeding function so you can wear it whenever and not just when you’re breastfeeding! All our nursing clothes can actually be used while pregnant, too. Our suits are brilliant and not trying them means you’re missing out!

Our organic nursing line is soft and designed with caring for your skin, the people around you and of course, Earth! And it’s not just organic cotton and bamboo that’s ecological, but plenty of other materials too, and you can find all of them in our catalog at Milker! For example, bamboo doesn’t need as much water during the cultivation or manufacturing process, therefore it’s a sustainable material. And when it comes to our organic cotton, it uses 90% percent less water than conventional cotton farming and manufacturing.

Many people become more ecologically conscious when they become parents, Many become more environmentally conscious when they have children. And did you know that you have to wash non-organic clothes 10 times to get all the chemicals out of the clothes? Quite something to think about. Therefore, we have designed a selection of sustainable and/or organic nursing clothes. You will find nursing tops, nursing blouses, nursing bras and nursing dresses with us. And remember, you can use them whilst you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and years and years after that.