Nursing clothes

Milker's Nursing clothes is designed to make it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. The unique nursing opening ensures that you can breastfeed discreetly and easily without revealing yourself. The special nursing opening also allows you to breastfeed without getting cold while nursing, which could leed to breast inflammation (Mastitis). Milker is also very keen on creating design that is varied and modern, so that the new mother can perform in style for both everyday and party. Milker has thus stood for a number of news in the market for breastfeeding clothes.

Nursing clothes from Milker

Especially Milker's winter collection with lots of modern and warm wool knit has been popular among the breastfeeding mothers. Also a number of special patterned models make it possible to follow your own style - even when you are a newborn mom. In addition, Milker is known for its special models in eg silk or bamboo. Finally, Milker has a great base collection in flexible jersey of good quality - for example, nursing T-shirts, nursing tops, Nursing nighties and nursing dresses.

All of Milkers nursing clothes is made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, bamboo, silk, and the like. The vast majority of Milker's Nursing wear is made of organic raw materials and, as far as possible, using sustainable manufacturing methods. Our suppliers are certified and recognized. Milker designs new nursing models all the time and our focus is to provide breastfeeding clothes to the nursing mothers that is both smart, modern, has a good fit and made in materials that are organic and comfortable to wear. Our design of nursing wear is classic and stylish with clean lines, simple patterns and, not least, all nursing clothes are made in super good quality. All our styles can be washed in the washing machine, keeping the color and fit wash after wash.

ZIA-joj134,00 €

Maja-joj107,00 €

ZOO-joj103,00 €

ZOE-joj59,00 €

Zelina-joj67,00 €

SELMA-crh107,00 €

BARBARA-ski36,00 €

BILLIE-ski13,00 €

BARBARA-pam36,00 €

BILLIE-pam13,00 €

BOB-pam19,00 €

Lucy-pam80,00 €

ELVIRA-chw76,00 €


93,00 €

AYODELE-pam46,50 €

Noora-pow40,00 €

ZIA-pll159,00 €

ZINDY-pll94,00 €

ZOO-pll107,00 €

ZOE-pll62,00 €

Maja-hol107,00 €

MILLER-hoj105,00 €

ELVIRA-hoj76,00 €

ZOO-hol103,00 €

ZANA-hol103,00 €

NELLY-hol39,00 €

NOVA-hol37,00 €

Zelina-ropr73,00 €

ZOE-ropr62,00 €

NOOR-cpr50,00 €

NAN-cpr43,00 €

ELSE-cap-80,00 €

ZISSI-cre111,00 €

NELLY-whi39,00 €

NAN-whi37,00 €

NOVA-whi37,00 €

BOLETTE-whi32,00 €

BETTY-whi40,00 €

BECKY-whi23,00 €

BARBARA-whi36,00 €

BILLIE-whi13,00 €

BIANCA-whi22,00 €

Maja-lag107,00 €

ZOO-lag103,00 €

ZOE-lag59,00 €

NELLY-lag39,00 €

ELVIRA-nip 76,00 €

MONROE-nip107,00 €

Maja-nie107,00 €

ZOO-ebl100,00 €

ZISSI-chb111,00 €

Zara-ret103,00 €

ZANA-chb103,00 €

Zasha-ret94,00 €

Zelina-ret67,00 €

ZENOBI-sta108,00 €

Ruth-sta146,00 €

Palma-crem214,00 €

NOOR-cre50,00 €

SOFIA-cre77,00 €

SELMA-cre107,00 €

NAN-cre43,00 €

BILLIE-jas13,00 €

BARBARA-jas36,00 €

Zia-dll159,00 €

ZOO-dll107,00 €

ZOE-dll62,00 €

ZINDY-dll94,00 €

ZIA-blk134,00 €

Maja-blk107,00 €

ZISSI-blk111,00 €

Zasha-blk94,00 €

ZOO-blk100,00 €

ZANA-blk103,00 €

Zara-blk103,00 €

ZENOBI-blk108,50 €

ZINDY-blk90,00 €

ZIRA-blk99,00 €

BESS-blk67,00 €

ZULU-blk94,00 €

Lucy-blk80,00 €

Polly-blk174,00 €

ZALLY-blk78,00 €

Zelina-blk67,00 €

ZENIA-blk54,00 €

NUKA-blk49,00 €

LOMA-blk114,00 €

NELLY-blk39,00 €

LIS-blk120,00 €

CHLOE-blk125,00 €

BIRDY-blk40,00 €

NADIA-blk40,00 €

ALINA-blk87,00 €

ZOE-blk59,00 €

NOOR-blk39,00 €

AUGUSTA-blk67,00 €

NOVA-blk-37,00 €

NAN-blk37,00 €

BOLETTE-blk32,00 €

BETTY-blk40,00 €

BARBARA-blk36,00 €

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