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Milker has a wide range of attractive clothes fit for breastfeeding.

Nursing wear
Fantastic clothes for the breastfeeding mother. All of the nursing wear are designed and produced by Milker, which is a Danish manufacturer of nursing wear. The nursing wear are very popular in Europe.

Nursing shirts
Here you can see all of Milker's nursing shirts. All of our nursing shirts let you nurse your child discreetly and easy. Of course without compromising the stylish look.

Nursing dresses
Fabulous nursing dresses and suitable for all festive celebrations – e.g. the baptism. Nursing dresses from Milker allows you to nurse your child discreetly.

Nursing tops
Nursing tops for when it’s hot. Nursing tops with a round neck, as a tunic or with a shirt collar. The tops can be opened below the chest.

Nursing knit
Nursing knit is for when it’s cold. Both warm and practical – while stylish. All of the knit wear is knitted from a soft wool mix which doesn’t itch.

Maternity wear
Stylish maternity wear to use before the baby arrives. Be pregnant in style with maternity wear from Milker. Find for example maternity dresses.

Pregnancy wear
Our maternity clothes emphasize the old saying, that a woman is never more beautiful than when she is pregnant.

Nursing nightwear
At night you need to be able to breastfeed easily. With a nursing nightgown and nursing nightwear it is always easy to breastfeed.

Nursing T-shirts
Both short and long sleeved nursing T-shirts for the breastfeeding mother.

Nursing tunic
Become the center of attention with a nursing tunic from

Nursing nightgown
You will sleep particularly well in one of these nightgowns and at the same time breastfeed your child easyly.

Maternity gifts
Nursing wear are the perfect maternity gift to the new mother. She will be very happy for a gift with our stylish and practical nursing wear.

Pantyhose for the pregnant woman – with plenty of space for 2.


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