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Maternity gifts

It is good practice to give a little maternity gift to the newborn mother when visiting her after giving birth. It might be difficult to find something really good to give her, but we suggest that you think about Milker nursing in that regard. It is not only a practical maternity gift that can also be used when the flowers are faded and chocolate is eaten. It's also a signal that you know what it means to be a newborn mother. That you want the best for the child and the mother after maternity leave. And you think she's a smart woman who's going to look good.

Green floral bohemian nursing dress - front view
134,00 EUR
40,00 EUR
Blue floral bohemian breastfeeding dress, front view

Maternity gifts

In fact, there are still many who do not know about nursing clothes at all - and even more people do not know that they can get it in a Danish designed top quality like Milker. So the chance is that with Milker nursing clothes you bring a maternity gift that surprises and will be useful for many months.

Many come with maternity gifts to the child, but the fact is that it is especially the mother who deserves a gift - and there are many occasions to give the child presents later. We dare almost guarantee that a Milker nursing top, nursing t-shirt or nursing dress will bring joy as a maternity gift.