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Here at Milker, we always look forward to the new seasons with beautiful colors and patterns. We have made the most beautiful, sustainable, and organic breastfeeding /maternity clothes for you beautiful mothers because, we think that you deserve, only the best. You don´t have to compromise on your style, comfort, and values ​​just because you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We have made sure to make the nicest collection for you, and it´s  produced in sustainable organic bamboo. It can be overwhelming with all the things you have to buy when you have a child, our design is made so you can use it when your pregnant and breastfeeding. Furthermore, we have produced organic bamboo underwear that is beautiful and comfortable, no matter if you are pregnant or not. In addition, we have made dresses and blouses that have smart openings so it is easy to breastfeed, but at the same time very discreet so you do not immediately think that it is breastfeeding clothes. Finally, take a look at our beautiful summer collection and get inspired on how you can make it easier for yourself to breastfeed, without compromising on your style and values.
Mami black Sports Tights - seen from side
66,98 EUR
Mami Sports Tights - Seen with pregnant belly
66,98 EUR
My Belly - Maternity Swimsuit - Fronnt view
80,40 EUR
High-waisted Swim Bottom, front view
46,85 EUR
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It is important for us to produce clothes for you breastfeeding mothers that make you feel comfortable in your own body. Furthermore, it is important for us to take care of our planet and produce sustainable products. We believe that our products are produced sustainably and under proper working conditions. It is important to us that our products are organic and that the materials we choose to work with are chosen with a focus on our planet. Our materials are made in delicious quality and are super comfortable to wear.

Our organic bamboo is a wonderful material as it requires far less water to manufacture than conventional cotton. It makes bamboo a sustainable material that is also super soft, which is great when the body is changing. In addition, we also use organic cotton, and it requires 90% less water than conventional cotton. With organic cotton, you can thereby get the wonderful qualities of cotton in a sustainable way.

With our focus on sustainability, we have also developed products that can be used while you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and long after both. It is important for us to create products that are not only used for a short period of time but are something you can use for several years. At the same time, we think that mothers deserve proper breastfeeding clothes with methods that make it easier to breastfeed whether you are at home, on the go, or at a party. We have made everything from the most beautiful and soft breastfeeding underwear, festive, beautiful summer dresses, beautiful blouses for the cool summer evenings and breastfeeding tops that make it easy to breastfeed.

At Milker, we produce organic and sustainable breastfeeding clothes that can help make breastfeeding a little easier without compromising on your own style. Many people find that breastfeeding becomes easier when they get clothes that are actually made for breastfeeding, as it is easier when one's dress can open up easily and quickly. We want to support women in this.