Nursing Tops

Milker has a very wide collection of nursing tops. Nursing T-shirts, nursing tees, tops with strapsleeves, and both long and short sleeves. Nursing tops are basis for a nursing mother. And it makes no sense to have a nursing bra - you must also have a nursing top. All milkers nursing tops are designed to be used on their own, but many also often use a top under a larger blouse – such as a nursing tee from Milker made in knit, cotton knit or the like. In any case, more and more nursing mothers find that a nursing top over a nursing bra makes everyday nursing much easier.

Nursing Tops

If it's summer or winter, then it's nice to have a nursing top. All our Nursing tops are made in the most delicious quality. We offer both 100% organic cotton and our popular bamboo quality. Bamboo quality is brilliant, since you can easily use the nursing tee when you are pregnant too as bamboo can be expanded and retracted. When choosing size at MILKER, we recommend choosing the size you usually use - we have taken into account minor changes in your shape of the design.

Whether you're wearing a V-neck, a round neck or just a nursing top without sleeves, MILKER can offer you the perfect breastfeeding top. We always strive to have nursing tops in the season's coolest colors so you can feel trendy too when you are breastfeeding. We experience many of our customers who are excited about our nursing tops, as one can always find one that fits. I remember when I was breastfeeding, I often felt relaxed when I had spent a full day at home with my baby - honestly I did not feel very smart. A nursing top from MILKER helps make breastfeeding everyday a little more smart and trendy.

ZOE-joj59,00 €

ZOE-pll62,00 €

NOVA-hol37,00 €

ZOE-ropr62,00 €

NAN-cpr43,00 €

NELLY-whi39,00 €

NAN-whi37,00 €

NOVA-whi37,00 €

BOLETTE-whi32,00 €

BETTY-whi40,00 €

ZOE-lag59,00 €

NAN-cre43,00 €

ZOE-dll62,00 €

ZOE-blk59,00 €

AUGUSTA-blk67,00 €

NOVA-blk-37,00 €

NAN-blk37,00 €

BOLETTE-blk32,00 €

BETTY-blk40,00 €

ELVIRA-crbl76,00 €


38,00 €

BOLETTE-ebl15,20 €


40,00 €

BETTY-ebl16,00 €


40,00 €

BETTY-ini16,00 €

GOODY BAG15,00 €


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