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Maternity dresses

Milker specializes in nursing clothes, which can also be used for pregnancy clothes and maternity clothes. Women today like that clothes have more features and with Milker's nursing clothes, you beat 2 flies with a smack. Milker's nursing and maternity clothes are only made of natural materials, which are also elastic. Natural products are best for the body, and when you are pregnant, you are extra sensitive as hormones perish in the body.
Black WOOL Maternity tights
40,13 EUR
Green floral bohemian nursing dress - front view
134,09 EUR
40,23 EUR
Blue floral bohemian breastfeeding dress, front view
Purple breastfeeding dress in Merino wool and rib knit and beautiful V-neck - Front view

Maternity dresses

Milker nursing tops are designed with extra length in front, to make sure you won’t part in the middle as your belly grows. This has been a popular feature with our customers, who happily continue to use our designs even when they are no longer breastfeeding, as the breastfeeding functions on our tops are so discrete.

At Milker, we think it's important that you feel comfortable in your clothes when you are pregnant, there should be no tightening or snagging, while at the same time feeling trendy. Our pregnancy clothes and maternity dresses are available in organic cotton, organic cotton knit, bamboo and wool knit so there is something for everyone.

Milker always follows the trends and colors of the time, so even if you are pregnant you can fit it into your other wardrobe. With Milker's underwear line, pregnant women have also been in focus. Our pregnancy underwear line is made of bamboo fibers, which have many of the same qualities as wool (cools and heats at the right times), and it has a super elasticity that you need when you are pregnant and are growing and growing. Especially in our leggings and pantys, we have thought of lining and stomach support, and since the bamboo is as soft as baby skin, you almost feel that you have nothing on.For new moms, this feature is essential.

Maternity dresses and pregnancy dresses for everyday use and parties! Organic marternity dresses, sustainable pregnancy dresses, festive maternity dresses, basic pregnancy dresses, summer maternity dresses, winter pregnancy dresses, yes, with us at Milker, you will be stuck for choice! Nursing dresses that can all be used as maternity dresses even though they are all designed as breastfeeding dresses. And if you are pregnant, you should celebrate! Take a trip into the city with some friends and dance a little! Congratulations from Milker.

Maternity dresses are a pleasant and comfy thing to wear when you are pregnant because there is nothing that bothers, tightens on or irritates your stomach. If you buy a pregnancy dress, they are mostly super comfortable to wear, then you can wear Milker's maternity dresses, dressing super smart! If you are the type of person that loves dresses, Milkers large selection of beautiful pregnancy dresses, suitable for parties or every day life is just for you - and there is so much to choose from.

Another thing that is thought of a lot today in the design of all of our Maternity Clothes and Maternity dresses is that they should also be able to be used after your birth, so you’re not buying clothes that become useless once you’ve given birth. All Milker's maternity dresses have a nursing function so you can also use them as nursing dresses. After all, it is both practical and smart that your maternity clothes can also be used as nursing clothes!

You should check out our range of nursing dresses, as they all can be used as maternity dresses, too!