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Nursing nighties

Nursing nighties are the perfect gift for a new mom. Super soft, organic, practical and pretty. With a nursing nightgown, you will no longer have to sit bare-chested and freezing in the middle of the night, at risk of coming down with mastitis. View all nursing nightwear here.

Nursing nighties

Breastfeeding nighties - there is hardly any more time for nursing clothes than when mom is going to breastfeed the little baby at night. Here it is very important that both you and baby are warm. I know from myself how it was sitting in bed with the quilt wrapped well around baby and oneself, and still froze over the shoulder so that you almost got stiff in your neck and shoulders. When I started making nursing nightgowns, keeping warm during the night's breastfeeding was the most important reason for making nursing nighties.

However, I later found out that it's also amazing when you need to get up and change baby after breastfeeding. There is nothing worse than getting cold and freezing when standing there at the changing table during the late night hours. With a nursing nightgown you will keep warm both during and after breastfeeding. The nursing nightie is made so that you can easily use it after ending breastfeeding - I have several women who have also bought the nursing tee after they have finished breastfeeding because it is such a good quality. The striped nursing nightgown has been very popular as a summer dress as it is really smart on a hot summer day.

You can get nursing nighties in both organic cotton and in wool. The woolen breastfeeding nightgown is of course the warmest, and can be clearly recommended for you who always freezes a little. The quality is super soft and you easily wash the woolen nursing nightie on 30 degrees wool wash. The cotton quality is of course organic, and is soft and nice to wear. It is for you who like the soft cotton, and at the same time does not freeze so much. I recommend washing the cotton grade at 30 degrees wash.

It is essential that both you and your baby stay warm. When Milker began its journey as a brand back in the days, keeping warm during those nightly feedings was our primary reason for designing breastfeeding clothes .Our nursing nightwear is made from organic cotton and wool. Our wool clothes are of course the warmest option, and is highly recommendable for you if you have a tendency to feel cold.

Nursing nighties from MILKER help make your breastfeeding work - even at night.