Maternity tights

Here you will find the perfect maternity tights. Our tights are made so that they will fit you throughout your entire pregnancy. They are soft and comfortable, and the fit is perfect around your growing belly. Also see all our maternity clothes and nursing clothes. Here are the most beautiful maternity tights for you who are pregnant. The genius of these pregnancy tights is that you can use them throughout your pregnancy and afterwards too. They are soft and comfortable and the fit is comfortable over the stomach. Our maternity tights are made with stretch, and this means that once you have given birth, and have returned to your ‘normal’ self again, you can continue to use our tights. The trick is to reverse them, as the maternity tights will automatically retract, just as they will expand when your belly is growing.

Maternity tights

At Milker Nursing, we chose to design maternity tights after having searched for what seemed like forever for a quality and model that would both cover and support the pregnant belly, yet also feel soft and comfortable to wear. We feel that we have designed a lovely model that match all the demands we had for the perfect pair of maternity tights. During my own pregnancies, I too experienced the problem with tights that did not expand. This meant that we would quickly feel bare around the waist, but you can avoid this problem with Milker maternity tights. They go perfectly with our maternity dresses and maternity skirts as well – and what is more fitting to wear during pregnancy than that.

At the moment, our maternity tights are only available in black, as this is the colour most women choose. This is our own favorite as well, as they go with everything. With a pair of black tights, you will always feel well-dressed. They can be styled with almost anything, both boots and shoes, and they go will with both printed and solid colored dresses and skirts.

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