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Baby/Toddler Bracelet - 100% natural material - Bracelet seen closed
Baby/Toddler Bracelet - 100% natural material - Bracelet seen open

Baby/Toddler Bracelet - Cognac - 100% natural material

Style: BRACELET-B-con
100% Natural Amber
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• 100% natural product
• Length 14 cm (baby) or 15 cm (toddler)
• Reduces pain when teething
• Anti-inflammatory qualities
• Soothing effect
• Helps the body adapt to stress
• Each bracelet is unique
• Made in Europe
• Soft round edges
• The child must be supervised when using the product

We are deeply fascinated by the beautiful natural material amber, which has been in the water for between 30-50 million years. That is why we have taken the beautiful material and developed amber accessories for both children and adults, in the most beautiful amber shades. This beautiful amber bracelet is designed to relieve the pain children may experience when teething. This is since amber releases succinic acid when it touches the skin.

The succinic acid has a calming effect that works against the inflammation that occurs in the body during tooth eruption. We have made sure that our amber bracelets are produced in high quality and under good working conditions in Europe.

We can hardly think of anything sweeter than a small baby wrist with a fine amber bracelet on. We have become so obsessed with the material that we have chosen to produce more than just amber bracelets. We have also chosen to make a necklace in amber, which comes in five beautiful colors. In addition, we have made a product that is not to be found anywhere else on the market. We have produced a pacifier cord made of amber. It is probably the most beautiful pacifier string we have ever seen, if we have to say so ourselves! We also have hade amber jewelry for adults. You can either choose to match with your child, or just enjoy the wonderful effects of amber.


The child must be supervised when wearing the amber bracelet

There are knots between each bead that prevent all the beads from falling off should it break.