Black floral bohemian breastfeeding dress


Style: Zia-dll

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Material: 92% Viscose of Bamboo fibres (Organically grown) / 8% Elastane

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    Flowers and bohemiam go hand in hand. So, if you love black but would like to get some colour in your wardrobe, then model ZIA is a spectacular choice, you can even get away wearing this nursing dress for a wedding, as it is not quite black, and filled with a lot of beautiful flowers encompassing all the colours of the rainbow.

    This breastfeeding dress is made in a genuine bohemian style using 3 layers, each layer getting wider and wider, with loose sleeves that fit snugly around your arm with a cuff at the bottom of the sleeve. As we at Milker only use organically grown bamboo, this is also a sustainable design that we are very proud of, as we consider everything, all the way down to the environment.

    Model ZIA is a very feminine nursing dress that really does not look like a breastfeeding dress at all. But only we will know that - it’s just very discreetly made. It works using 2 layers above the chest, where you pull the outer layer down and the inner layer up over the chest, so the baby has free access for breastfeeding.

    The breastfeeding dress has a deep V-neckline that is incredibly feminine and also incredibly dressy - both with large and small breasts, but be calm - it's not too deep, and you can't see your bra inside.

    This nursing dress should be washed at 30 degrees on the fine wash setting. (You should always look at washing instructions before washing clothes).

    NB: Nursing dress  runs big in size and can easily be bought in a size smaller :-)

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