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Black/green nursing dress with buttons, made of wool/viscose knit, front view

Black/green nursing dress with buttons, made of wool/viscose knit

Style: LENA-bli
50% wool, 50% viscose

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    LENA is one of our new models, a Maternity & breastfeeding dress made of wool and in a loose-fit style, so that nothing is tight or annoying. The breastfeeding dress has a ¾ arm length sleeve and with smart pockets, so when you are on the go, you always know where the dummy and keys are.

    Model LENA has a little more length, going just below the knee, which is exactly the right length in the current fashion scene today. This woolen nursing dress has the incredibly popular button opening and in no way resembles a nursing dress. The great thing about this dress is that, once you have given birth, your body won’t go back to how it looked before strait away, which the dress compensates for with it’s ‘loose-fit’ style, hiding what you may not be comfortable with about your appearance.

    The Breastfeeding dress makes you feel comfortable, and who doesn’t want that right after giving birth. That’s why we recommend LENA, when you have the last bit of baby weight to lose, and you don’t want your clothes putting pressure on you all over.

    Model LENA is a super elegant breastfeeding dress in wool, in a bohemian style. Also, as plus, a dress that will help you avoid inflammation of the breast - and those of us who have tried it, know how hard it is to avoid that and must be avoided for everything in the world.