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Black nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons - a front view

Black nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons

Style: Maja-blk
99% Organic cotton knit / 1% Lurex

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    “That Little Black Dress,” is what we call our new model MAJA, is a lovely little maternity and nursing dress, all in one.

    Black is the most popular colour in most women's wardrobes, during both winter and summer. Although we at Milker have begun to use more colours, there is always room for “that little black dress”, during both summer and winter in our wardrobe.

    We adore this little black nursing dress - even though it is made with knitwear, it is cooling and airy on a hot summer's day. The dress is perfect for a dinner party or a summer party and a dress that no one will realize is a breastfeeding dress. Most people will assume that this is just a fantastic looking dress, with the mother-of-pearl buttons being mistaken for clever cosmetic touches, rather than for their real purpose; the breastfeeding opening that hides within them.

    The nursing opening is easy to use as the buttons are relatively large and you can open them with just one hand within a week’s practice.

    Getting 3 uses in a dress is great, when it’s not just suited for your pregnancy, or just when you’re breastfeeding, but for after, when you’re done with nursing but still want to wear stylish clothing. Many people throw away their nursing and maternity wear when that part of their life is over, because most of the time it doesn’t look all too good and sticks out as maternity wear like a sore thumb. That’s why MAJA is a great model, because no one knows it’s a nursing dress. Genius!

    MAJA is available in sizes up to 4XL, or size 50, because we believe that even big girls deserve to look fantastic and nurture their babies.

    Washing instructions: Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees on the fine wash setting. Ignoring these instructions could end up damaging your clothes.

    NB: RUNS BIG IN SIZE, you can easily buy the dress 1 size smaller !