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Green nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons -  a shot of the front

Green nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons - Runs big in size!!

Style: Maja-lag
99% Organic cotton knit / 1% Lurex

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    This nursing dress is called MAJA, and is part of our newest collection of the latest and greatest breastfeeding models. This luscious green nursing dress is made of the finest organic cotton knit.

    This maternity and breastfeeding dress is divided into 3 different parts: the top is made with a fine hole pattern, the middle of the dress is striped and has a lovely glitter effect and at the bottom is of a soft, smooth knit. This breastfeeding dress has a “loose fit”, with a length down to the knees if you are around 170cm tall wearing a size S.

    The breast opening is opened with the buttons on the side, so you can easily breastfeed 2 children at the same time. This nursing dress has ¾ length sleeves, so despite the fact that it is made of knitwear, seems very light and summery.

    But, the burning question is: can you wear it at a party? Of course you can! It is super comfortable, and would go great with a pair of cute summer sandals and some nice earrings. Green is going to be a very popular colour this year, so this nursing dress will be a safe bet for your nursing wardrobe - you’ll be wearing it up.

    We love the fact that this amazing nursing dress has 3 different purposes, it’s genius! It can be used during your pregnancy, because of its elasticity, it can stretch and morph to even the most pregnant of tummies, it can be used whilst breastfeeding, because of our practical breast openings that allow you to do so, and last but not least, you can wear it whenever, be it at a party or a family get together, even long after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

    MAJA can be delivered in sizes up to 4XL, or size 50! Happy nursing!

    NB: RUNS BIG IN SIZE, you can easily buy the dress 1 size smaller !