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Yellow nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons - front view

Yellow nursing dress with hole pattern and buttons - Runs big in size!!

Style: Maja-joj
99% Organic cotton knit / 1% Lurex

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    It’s great that yellow has come back into fashion again. We love this colour here at Milker, so we have wasted no time and designed this gorgeous maternity dress and breastfeeding dress in the most vibrant shade of yellow.

    This nursing dress’ breast is opened by some small mother-of-pearl buttons on the shoulder, leading many to think that they are there purely to look good - which they do, too, but nobody will realise that it’s actually used to open the breastfeeding compartment, or that this is even a nursing dress to begin with, so on that note, this nursing dress suddenly has years and years of life in it.

    This nursing dress is made of the softest organic cotton, so there will be no problem with the fabric bothering your skin. This breastfeeding dress is loose, which is great, because it means you don’t have to hide your stomach if you haven’t lost the last bit of baby weight.

    The top is knitted with this beautiful hole pattern, with a touch of glitter in the waist - so if there’s a glitter girl hidden within you, you can let her out a little with this amazing dress. The sleeves are ¾ length, which makes this dress really pop during the summer.

    As we mentioned before, there is plenty of room to be pregnant is this waiting dress, and when you’ve given birth, it accommodates for your child’s breastfeeding needs, and when you’ve finished breastfeeding, it can be used a fabulous summer dress. All our dresses are designed with not just function, but fashion in mind, and fits well within our sustainable policy.

    MAJA is available in sizes up to 4XL, or size 50.

    MAJA is the perfect choice, but remember, it can and must only be washed at a max of 30 degrees Celsius on the fine wash setting. Always follow our washing instructions otherwise you could damage your clothes!

    NB: RUNS BIG IN SIZE, you can easily buy the dress 1 size smaller !